The Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoe Guide

The Ultimate Men’s Dress Shoe Guide

The material used in manufacturing shoes is what gives them life and makes them attractive and lively. Our boots are comfortable and entirely made from handmade leather which makes them durable and breathable. The reason for this is that we use only the best materials in their construction, including premium leathers and superior craftsmanship, plus protective rubber for the soles and composite safety toes.

What should a man desire more when he has a perfect pair of shoes that is airy and fits snugly? Whether you're looking for something traditional or trendy, our wide range of men's dress shoes has exactly what you are looking for.

100% leather lining means these shoes are breathable and easy to wear. Sole is entirely manufactured for comfort and longevity. The vamp area also known as counter or upper is well-constructed to add resilience and class.

We not only use full-grain cow crust leather rather we utilize a wide range of animal hides such as aniline, suede, and patent leather that are known for their softness and thickness to make any good durable enough. Men's dress shoes have a variety of toe shapes. For instance, they can be rounded, square, or pointed and all look perfect and unique in their shape.

In the below section we have mentioned a complete guide about the qualities of our leather handmade shoes that will persuade you to take a haste step toward a wise decision.

Men’s Dress Shoe Guide-Deconstruction

Before taking a step toward purchasing any shoe the first thing you need to know is about the material that has been used in manufacturing them and from where they are taken. Men’s dress shoe has many parts, such as vamp, toe, welt, sole, heel, throat, and quarter area.

Each part is elegantly and flawlessly drummed up. Our shoes are prepared at LUBKY a company based in Lahore, Pakistan. Our Shoes are completely handmade and made under the supervision of our designers who think of the contentment of the customers giving them the best pair of shoes to give spark to their entire look.

Men’s Dress Shoe Toe Styles

If you are investing in the shoe make sure you have taken notice of all the details regarding shoe style. Despite the fact that LUBKY offers shoes that can complete any tailored look, make sure that you choose the right shoes that go for any outfit.

Scroll down to see the list of famous men’s dress shoe toe styles types.

  • Plain Toe: This style is without any ornamentation or any sort of additional coverage on the toe area of the shoes
  • Cap Toe: This style refers to the horizontal stitching across the vamp (on the toe) that goes from one side to the other.
  • Aprone Toe: The apron is a piece of leather that covers the toe area of the shoe's upper. An apron can be made of different materials, but typically is leather made and placed on top of the vamp with stitching and not extended to the end of the toe
  • WingtipThis style is characterized by a leather overlay on the toe that makes a W shape known as a wing shape
  • MedallionThis style is considered a plain-toe style shoe with decorative perforation (row of small holes) on the upper area of the shoe for an airy feel.

Types of Men’s Dress Shoes

Our services are at your disposal to help you find the best dress shoe for men. While making your purchase decision you can take help from our men’s dress shoes guide. Have a look at details on formal shoes for men:

1) Brogue Shoes

Brogue shoe is our pretty comfortable and durable footwear with decorative perforation and serration along the edges that is done at the beginning of the W-shaped style (wing-shape) at the front. 

Signature elements

The shoe is entirely made of the highest-quality and sturdy full-grain leather that will never go out of style. Applying embellishing on the uppers creates a premium feel. The best quality of this shoe is that it fits better across your feet as you take each step and it can be worn all year round, especially in rainy or colder weather.

How to Style Brogue Shoes?

  1. Brogue shoe is created in such a style that will add character to any outfit. 
  2. It was used as a sturdy outdoor boot, but now this iconic look has become a staple of formal occasions and provides comfort along with style. 
  3. Its polished treatment makes any dress look elegant and attractive.

Brogues Types for Men’s Dress Shoes

A brogue is a type of shoe that dates back to medieval times. Brogues have ornamental perforations or holes of various patterns which allow the wearer to keep their feet away from getting wet from inside when walking in puddles, or performing tasks in water. The style of dotes was created to let water out of the shoes but now it has become a fashion as well. The perforations are decorative today, but the shoe remains popular among men’s casual dress shoes giving a luxurious feel. Have a look at a few types of brogue shoe styles that are in demand.

  1. Full Brogue: A full brogue is a type of shoe that has a perforated or holes pattern on the toe, quarters, and sole. Some have serrations, along the edge of the cap as well. 
  2. Quarter Brogue: A Quarter-Brogue is the most reserved style of brogue. It features a small decorative pattern covering only the seam of the cap toe. 
  3. Semi Brogue: The semi brogue is a shoe that has decorative perforations along the cap's edge and includes additional decorative perforations in the center of the section.
  4. Longwing Brogue: The longwing brogue is a special type that, as the name suggests, extends to the back of the shoe.

2) The Monk Strap Shoes

The best quality of the monk shoes is their straps. This is the lace-less version of men’s dress shoe styles that allows for more comfort and movement than laced dress shoes. Its strap style attracts customers and grabs their attention at first glance. Monk style consists of one or two straps. The sole is entirely made of leather that provide feet ease and adds elegance along with extra durability. 

Signature elements

A monk strap style is similar to oxford in shape but what makes them different from each other is the straps. This style will make you stand in the best way possible as they can be used for dress or casual situations.  

How to style your Monk Strap? 

Monk strap shoe is an incredibly versatile dress shoe that can look sophisticated with formal attire but also go well with casual outfits like jeans, blazers, and even suits.

3) Loafer Shoes

It is antiqued and burnished by hand here at LUBKY. We have fitted this classic Loafer black leather shoe with a pair of our "Water-resistant" leather soles that provide superior durability. The loafer is created getting inspired by the moccasin shoe that is known for its slip-on style.

Signature Elements

Traditionally loafer is a round-toe shoe. It is without laces that make the shoe easy to wear and take off. The main feature that makes it loafer is having a tassel at the vamp area. 

How to style Loafer Shoes? 

  1. Loafer Shoes are good for formal as well as casual wearing.
  2. Pair these with a suit (blazer, tie, and high socks) or pants to refine your tailored look.

4) Moccasin Shoes

Moccasin handmade men's shoes are well known for their elegant style and classic simplicity. They are famous for their luxurious feel that can go with any outfit and any type of occasion. Completely leather lined with leather sole throughout hand-stitched along with low flat heel. Moccasin shoe comes into the category of Loafers having the same shoe features and design except for one thing that is a leather strip at the vamp area replacing the tassel. 

Signature Elements 

They are very comfortable, as well as incredibly purified that offer durability and support to your feet. They are heelless shoes of soft leather to feel comfortable while wearing them. 

How to style a Moccasin Shoe?

  1. You can pair Moccasin Shoes with formal trousers. 
  2. They are more likely to be worn for a casual look such as with pants, trousers, a blazer, or jeans.

5) Oxford Shoes

Most popular and sophisticated dress shoe style available at LUBKY. They are good for formal as well as casual wear and will surely compliment any outfit. Oxford comes in a variety of designs and each looks stunning. 

Signature Elements

Oxford shoe has an amazing polished glossy look that grabs the attention of consumers. The most recognizable factor of this shoe is its close lacing system giving the shoe a decent look. 

How to Style Oxford Shoes?

  1. They work well both for casual and formal events. On top, you have a choice of what you want to wear. 
  2. They look seriously stylish with jeans outfit if you wear and manage them right. 
  3. Pay close attention to the color of your jeans and shoe color to nail or make an outstanding look. 

6) Slip-on Shoes

They are made without laces and straps and are easy to put on and take off. Its elegant and unique look makes it look fabulous for formal as well as casual wear. Its inner and outer parts all are made with 100% full-grain leather having an awesome design. 

Signature elements

A key feature of this shoe is its elasticated inserts make it easy to wear and take off. Its leather sole provides comfort and support that stays all day.  

How to Style Slip-On Shoes?

  1. A better style to go with is when slip-on shoes are paired with jeans and a jacket. They look good when they are worn without socks. 
  2. They look good both on formal and informal occasions but look ideal if they are worn with a suit, jeans, and blazer.

7) Whole-cut Shoe

At LUBKY whole-cut shoe is quite a different shoe having a side lacing closure. They are fully leather lined with leather sole throughout hand-stitched with 100% authentic leather. 

Signature elements

It is featured entirely plain and smooth. The laces of Wholecut shoes are of waxed cotton braided. Surely made to compliment any outfit making you prominent in your surroundings. 

How to Style Whole-cut Shoe? 

  1. The way this shoe is manufactured will look perfect with any formal and semi-formal events when you decide to wear a suit, jacket, or jeans. 
  2. Its beautiful unique toe shape makes it look great on any occasion. 

It is important to choose the right leather shoe that does not make you feel regret in the end. Choose best to give ease and spark to your feet at the same time.