Is Loafer A Casual Shoe? Pair Up Loafers With Every Style

Is Loafer A Casual Shoe? Pair Up Loafers With Every Style

What are the characteristics that make loafers different from other shoes? We know you are curious to know about the shoe and its exceptionally designed features. LUBKY brings a variety of the best men’s handmade leather shoes that are both traditional and trendy. In this topic, we will discuss many things about the loafer shoe style and its unique features, and how they go well with any outfit. 

Loafers are slip-on shoes with a heel and rounded toe that come in a variety of colors and materials. They have been around for decades, but never go out of style and are classy, stylish, and trendy famous for their comfort, style, and versatility. It won’t be wrong to say that, they are ideal for relaxing and calming around in. They are one of the most iconic dress shoe styles in design and history. Even though they have gone through many changes, they remain a staple across multiple cultures. The famous characteristic of the exceptionaly designed handmade leather loafer is its tassel design hanging on a vamp section that distinguishes it from the moccasin style. 

Characteristics Of Loafers

Loafers were once thought to be an old man's shoe, but they have recently arisen as a style for men of all ages. They come in a variety of styles and colors which tassel loafer is the most famous one. This style is extremely comfortable adjusts easily, breaths well, and can be slipped on and off with minimal effort. Have a look at the tassel loafer style and how it looks. 

Tassel Loafer

The style comes with many qualities that do not need any introduction rather the shoe features are enough to describe the shoe and its qualities, such as:

  1. Loafers are shoes that have no lacing or knotting system and are simply slipped on the foot. 
  2. The embellishment of loafers with a tassel ornament sewn on the vamp of the shoe is the key feature that adorns the shoe grace. 
  3. Another characteristic of loafers is they are pretty soft and allows feet to get air. 
  4. Flawlessly handstitched inside out. 
  5. Exposed ankle. 
  6. They are classic and timeless shoes. When you wear Loafers, you will always be fashionable.
  7. They are made to wear without socks. 

Pair Up Loafers With Every Style

Loafers are not only versatile but very comfortable shoe style that can be paired up with both formal and casual wear, as they come in many designs made of different leather materials; that serves as a good pair of dress shoes. Loafers are great for days when you need to look professional and they look good with everything in your closet. First, they were indoor shoe that was both comfortable and simple to put on. Later, the Loafer evolved into an outdoor shoe, and many businessmen began to wear them. They can be worn with jeans, shorts, or suits. They look great with trousers during the summer. As for the casual office look, this combo is perfect. 

Personalized Shoes

They are entirely prepared from full-grain cow leather for shoe sustainability and durability. If the customer desires a custom-made shoe that includes the shoe design, leather material whether he wants aniline, suede, patent, or full-grain leather for the preparation of his shoe. Make your shoe from LUBKY the best leather shoe brand in Pakistan which has become one of the leading customized best handmade leather shoe suppliers. Every year, thousands and thousands of custom made shoes are exported to different countries such as United States, UK, UAE and many more. Thus, create your custom shoe that can be matched with any type of look in different styles and colors that set you apart from the rest.