Customized Leather

Custom Handmade Leather Shoes

Each shoe on our production line is handmade with impeccable stitching using full-grain cow leather.

Design Your Own Leather Shoes

You are no longer restricted to the shoes we manufacture! LUBKY offers a custom-made leather shoe option!

Design Selection

Personalize the already available designs on our website, or create your own dreamy shoe. Please do share the shoe image with us so that we can move ahead with further procedures.

Material Customization

Simply select the leather you desire for your shoes from full-grain cow leather, cow crust leather, suede, aniline, and patent.

Color Customization and Finish

Whether you want your dreamy shoe in blue, black, red, skin, or in any color we can make any color customization along with patina finishing. 

Shoe Size/Measurements

Let's not be concerned if your feet are of an odd size, wide, or extra wide, or any difference in your right or left feet. Do share your exact feet size details to get a great fitting of the shoe. 

Shape Of Last (Farma)

Shoe lasts are plastic made that will be finalized after the completion of shoe details.

Shoe Category

Derby, monks, loafers, moccasins, oxford, wholecut, backless, and brogue shoes come in exceptional toe shapes with amazing designs and colors. Visit our website to choose the shoe you are desperate for.

Submit Request

We hope that all of the above points are clear to you and that you have gathered all of the information regarding your shoe design, leather material, and foot size. Now all you have to do is submit your request by clicking on the button below so that we could start working.


Make Your Customization

Revolutionize your style

A luxury shoe brand revolutionize the lifestyle

At our production site, we use cutting-edge equipment to maintain both heritage and fashion. On the other hand, we provide a diversity of leather in stunning designs, including full-grain cow leather, cow crust leather, patent, suede, and aniline leather.

✔ Design Selection ✔ Material Customization
✔ Color Customization and Finish ✔ Custom Handmade Leather Shoe