Are Handmade Leather Shoes Worth it?

Handmade Leather Shoes Worth

Manufacturing is another issue when it comes to the cost of handmade versus mass-produced items. When you buy a pair of shoes that are made by hand, especially if they're artisan-made, you know that the person who made them had an investment in making them.

These aren't just products that fill a need for a time; they're investments for the long haul. Handmade shoes are constructed to last. There are a few reasons why? First, you have the materials. Quality leather lasts for decades if reasonably cared for.

Calfskin and cow leather are durable and will last for years if you care for them properly—most of the time, all it requires is conditioning once or twice a year depending on how much wear the shoes see and polishing them occasionally. Leather shoes can also be repaired easily enough by any good cobbler (or even yourself with some specialized tools).

We believe that with good care, leather stays. Therefore, with the help of our experts, our company creates such fine and attractive leather shoes that stay working for a very long time.

Buying from LUBKY your leather shoes won’t disappoint you rather you’ll definitely be glad you made the investment on the right item. We are preferred the most in the market because of producing the best and most durable leather shoes.

They Fit Better

One of the most important factors in a good pair of shoes is the fit. Your feet make up the foundation of your body, so it needs to have good and solid support. If your shoes do not help you to keep your posture nor support you, then your whole body will suffer. But getting that custom-made fit is not easy and will take some time. In order to get your desired custom-made shoes, it may require more than one visit to your preferred cobbler shop. Therefore, to get the perfect fit for your feet come to LUBKY who will provide you with the best shoes for your feet to comfort you providing you with the right adjustment.   

They Are Durable

The durability of handmade shoes tends to be much longer than the durability of manufactured shoes. There are many times when you can wear a handmade shoe for years and not even have to replace it. This, precisely, is what makes them a much more practical choice over your lifetime. Make sure your Handcrafted shoes are made with authentic leather, maintained well, clean and polished regularly with products recommended for leather. That will help to maintain them for a long time without any damage.


If you want your shoes to last longer, get them handmade. It’s the only way to ensure quality craftsmanship and materials. The use of best and pure leather will create the upper part of the shoe along with the use of rubber to create the sole to make it comfortable and long-lasting. Unlike mass-produced shoes, handmade shoes are made by a craftsman who puts their heart into every stitch so that if any part fails or wears out, it can be repaired and because of that, you will save money over time by repairing your favorite shoes instead of buying new ones.

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Genuine leather shoes can last a long time, even in demanding work environments. Genuine leather is also easier to clean and protect.

If you're looking for shoes that will last and have a high resistance to wear and tear, leather is the way to go. Although leather shoes may cost more in the short term, their increased longevity means that you'll save money in the long run. Thus, feel free to contact us to get information. Our team is available to provide you with the information you want to know.