What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes so Expensive?

What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes so Expensive?

What Makes Handmade Leather Shoes so Expensive?


Handmade leather shoes are usually expensive not because of the quality material but the labor. The cost is actually in the labor that enables the shoe luxuries making it pretty comfortable, airy that fit sungly. A lot of effort and hard work each shoe takes to be crafted to make them long-lasting and elegant when they are worn. 

Despite machines being excellent at manufacturing quality items, people are often willing to pay more for leather shoes created using traditional methods over machine-made pairs that cost less due to the particular way they're constructed. Handmade leather shoes are in the spotlight right now. In fact, LUBKY is one of a few companies that advertise their shoes as the best and most stylish handmade, having them hand-sewn that are perfectly and flawlessly designed. For example, handmade leather shoes by LUBKY allow you to experience how a master craftsman took the time to carefully stitch every detail of your pair of shoes just for you. Here we are mentioning a few steps that will show why handmade leather shoes are expensive and preferred the most.

  •         Durability
  •         Easy to fit and comfortable
  •         Materials
  •         Breathability
  •         High-quality



These shoes are known for their high-quality materials, durability and comfort. Premium leather is flexible, durable and perfectly fits the figure of your feet without any discomfort.

Furthermore, leather stays strong against demanding work environments, making the shoes last much longer. It is widely known that genuine leather shoes are durable and can withstand harsh workplace conditions, such as those on construction sites. The best of all is that the welt part of our leather shoes are entirely made of leather making the shoe water-resistant. You can get your high-quality handmade leather shoes from LUBKY to protect your feet in every rough and tough weather conditions.


Easy to Fit and Comfortable


The main feature that differentiates our best handmade leather shoes from other synthetic alternatives is the level of cozy feel and support it gives to the wearer, especially to people with sensitive feet. At LUBKY our experts use genuine leather to produce shoes to fit, mold and shape to your foot, giving you more comfort and support. The shoes have been provided with the soft bed heel that gives heavenly feel. 



What makes any product reliable is surely the material. We believe in purity and quality. Our top-quality handmade leather shoes are made from full grain leather and calfskin leather material known for their quality, strngness and thickness.  



Unlike other materials, leather breathes and lets in oxygen to keep your feet cool and dry, avoiding uncomfortable sweating and possible odor. So if you want to choose a material that will last for years to come, it’s safe to conclude that nothing beats leather. We produce the best-quality handmade leather shoes that are durable, breathable, comfortable and easy to clean.


Customized Facility


We customize shoes after analyzing your feet. Our skilled experts take the measure of every detail of your feet and accordingly handcraft the shoes that fit you best. We customize your desired leather handmade shoe according to your needs. Numerous sophisticated and trendy shoes are offered by LUBKY. Choose any shoe design from our wide array and share with our experts who will bring your desired shoe into life. Additionally, you can get it embroidered or add charms. We ensure that no matter what you need, you'll get it. It is the quality that you will not find in another shoe market besides LUBKY.


All these qualities make our handmade leather shoes different and expensive from all other shoes that are machine-made not having authentic and reliable material.