Top 5 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Better Than Machine Made Shoes

Top 5 Reasons Why Handmade Shoes Are Better Than Machine Made Shoes

A hand-made shoe is one that is made by people who have spent their time making an original pair of footwear with leather. Handmade shoes are exquisite works of art, with each pair being completely different from the previous ones. Because they are crafted with care, you can count on these shoes to be comfortable and durable. Let us assure you that, you would feel a difference in your feet after lifting your feet in them. 

Footwear is an important part of a person’s attire, not just as a functional but also as an aesthetic accessory. Handmade shoes are increasingly popular in this era because of their comfort and class. Compared to machine-made footwear, handmade shoes are stitched entirely by hand and tend to be more expensive. The shoemaker starts with the most important part of any shoe – the upper leather that covers the toe, vamp, and quarter area. On the other hand, the overall features of such machine-made footwear, including they are mostly mass-produced and the fit and comfort could not be comparable to the handmade designs.

Here are the three top reasons why handmade shoes are better than machine-made shoes.


Leather Quality


Quality-made shoes are the better choice over the machine-made footwear you may purchase in a store because of their superior look. But never go on looks. Quality matters that guarantee handmade leather shoes. At LUBKY our shoemakers are master artisans who use their knowledge and creativity to construct a wide variety of styles from the finest leather materials such as; full-grain cow leather, suede, aniline, and patent. We have been making the best-looking shoes, and always come up to the customer’s expectations.

Would you like to look and feel your best in your shoes? Why choose a machine-made pair when you can have a durable, handmade leather shoe that will make you comfortable? Shop with us and experience a greater level of quality hand-made stylish shoes.


Machine vs. Hand


Unlike machine-made shoes, handmade shoes are completely unique. Machine-made shoes are made by machines for the purposes of assembly lines and mass production. Hand-crafted shoes, on the other hand, are created by skilled artisans using traditional techniques that are passed down through the generations. Spending days over a pair of leather shoes takes so much labor and pain to create perfection. When choosing handmade, there are special considerations to take into account as opposed to machine-made footwear.

Below are some of the key benefits of handmade shoes:


  •         Versatility and uniqueness:


Handmade shoes are different from machine-made footwear. With handmade shoes, you can have the pride of wearing footwear that is of a limited edition without having to spend a lot of money on designer shoes while machine-made shoes are only limited by their design. For tailored suits and custom-made shirts, handmade shoes are the best choice. For tailored suits and custom-made shirts, handmade shoes are the best choice.  


  •         Perfect Fit and Comfort


During the process of your order, our experts will take digital measurements and make a leather pattern for each foot. Hand-cut soles from hard-wearing leathers are shaped by hand and sewn to the shoe applying fantastic stitching that allows the sole to be replaced easily in case of wear and tear. These classic comfort features are new to this pair of boots, which has been handmade using our unique selection of materials and designs.


  •         Durability


Handmade shoes are an investment, not just a luxury. Our high-quality men’s leather shoes are designed to last a lifetime, developed with the finest and genuine leather materials. Our handmade shoes are created using high-quality cow leather and calfskin that are stain-resistant materials and ensure the longevity of your footwear.


When you invest in a handmade leather shoe, you get what you pay for. It's important to consider that handmade shoes are built better to make them last longer. Compared to cheaper shoes, these require less maintenance and last longer. Therefore, place your order now for the best hand-made stylish leather shoe.