Made to Order/Bespoke

Made to Order/Bespoke

LUBKY, Pakistan's best men's dress shoe brand, is at your disposal. We are customizing men's handmade leather shoes to customer requirements that are proportional and styled in accordance with the client’s morphology and requirements. Keeping the rich heritage of tradition and innovation alive in every pair of handmade leather shoes has given us a prestigious position in the shoemaking industry.

Visit our site and whatever design, color, and style you require for your dress shoe will be manufactured for you in 10-15 days. The entire process will be kept in touch with you. Contact us by filling out the form in the style and color you are interested in. Scroll down to learn more about LUBKY and its shoemaking process, price, and delivery. 

 What is a made-to-order shoe?

 Made-to-order shoe means whatever shoe specifications or form you are interested in will be created for you along with the leather material, patina, shoe color, lining color, sole thickness, and shoe size. At LUBKY we make each pair of handmade leather shoes individually according to the choice of the customer. Preparing a custom-base leather shoe generally takes 15 to complete. 

Design your own shoe

Feel free to share your shoe design with our experts who will serve you at every stage with their friendly services to fulfill making clients’ wishes become a reality with a perfect fit. Simply submit your dreamy shoe design along with the form, and our dedicated team will work tirelessly to bring the pure handmade leather shoe to life.

Everything begins with correspondence 

Let us mention that, the shoe created by you will express your style best. Design your desired dress shoe by having a meeting with our master shoemaker or through chat or call who will ask about the client’s taste and will share his own expertise as well to discuss and suggest. Once your requirements are finalized they will be passed to our team of skilled craftsmen in our factory who with devotion have been performing their tasks for years. Choose LUBKY to design your style from us to bring attitude and spark to your feet. 

What is the process of making leather shoes?

 Are you wondering how shoes are made? Here at LUBKY the process of making leather shoes is quite simple but requires a lot of attention. Every pair of handmade shoes are crafted by our skilled shoemakers from beginning to end who by relying on traditional shoemaking techniques ensure longevity. 

Various steps are taken to produce the best quality leather shoe for men that will make the customer feel the best buying decisions from LUBKY. The following steps describe the manufacturing process of our leather shoes.

 Shoe Sketch (Development): Our pattern maker will draw a shoe sketch that the client has created in his vision.

The measurement: Our master shoemaker takes the shoe measurement using a measurement sheet on which he will note all the information to make. 

 Materials: After the first step comes the turn of material that will be applied on the insole, outsole, and laces all are inspected by the team members. LUBKY offers a wide selection of leathers for bespoke handmade leather shoes including; full-grain cow crust leather, aniline, suede, patent, and crocodile leather. 

 Cutting: Once the required materials are verified the shoes are taken to the cutting room where the outer parts of the shoes are prepared. 

 Stitching: In the stitching process the shoe's upper part known as the external part is joined flawlessly to the outsole very tightly. The well-constructed stitching determines the solidity of the shoes. 

 Sole Manufacturing: Building the sole of the shoe is a highly technical step and requires the most time along with the shoemaker’s physical strength. This part of the shoe is entirely made of leather that is glued tightly underneath the heel providing thickness to bear tough weather conditions. On the other hand, apart from leather rubber can be utilized for the manufacturing of the sole on the client’s demand.  

Creativity: We offer endless options for perforation. The pattern maker can personalize graceful creativity or a flowery pattern on the vamp. We mainly apply this beautiful embroidery on Oxford and Brogue shoes. 

The Patina: The goal of the patina/polish is to change the appearance of the shoe by applying the lustrous coating that brings the shine. Patina is always chosen in the color that best matches the original color of the leather. Best of all, patina never let the color of the shoe get fade. 

 Plastic Shoe Tree: The purpose of a shoe tree is to maintain the unique shape and structure of the shoe over a lifetime. They are individually crafted for customized shoes only. 

Assembly: In this step, the shoe is almost ready just needed a few final touches. Such as adding laces into the eyelets and giving finishing to make the shoe even more beautiful. Finishing is a kind of polish applied to the shoe for shine. Now the shoe is ready for packaging. 

What is the material used to make shoes?

 Choosing the brand best adapts to your needs is nothing more than a blessing when it fulfills all your expectations. At LUBKY to produce high-quality leather shoes full-grain cow crust leather is used which is the top layer of cow renowned for its thickness and longevity. It is the best cowhide, the strongest, and the most durable for a leather shoe that survives for generations.

 How much does a bespoke shoe cost?

 Bespoke shoes are custom shoes made completely to the specifications of a certain customer by a shoemaker. They are as sophisticated as they are extravagant. The shoe cost will be determined once the shoe is completed. 

Let us assure you that, a pair of bespoke shoes manufactured in our factory will last for 20 to 30 years if they are cared for well by the customer. 


It will take 15 days for the bespoke handmade leather shoe to be completed and delivered to your exact location without any delivery charges. Your order for your perfect pair of bespoke leather shoes will be reached at your doorsteps within 10 to 15 days. If you are an outsider and hail from another country you will meet your order within 20 days and you will receive it only by TCS, however, you will be charged.