How to Find the Top-Quality Pair of Leather Shoes?

How to Find the Top-Quality Pair of Leather Shoes?

The quality of the shoe is one of the most significant factors that should be taken into account while buying a pair of leather shoes. Because everyone wants to get a perfect fit for their foot. But most of them are not much aware of the quality factor of the shoes. They just get attracted to the appearance of the shoe without noticing the quality and material. There are always a few things that should be considered while looking for quality leather shoes.  LUBKY has come up to provide a guide for those who are in search of the best quality pair of leather shoes. 

How to spot a quality pair of leather shoes? What details should you spot while looking for a quality leather shoe?

You need to follow a few steps while looking for a shoe. This will help you choose the right pair of leather shoes for yourself. The first thing to be noticed will be the construction of leather shoes. How they are constructed and what material has been used to manufacture the upper and sole parts of the shoe? Keep these questions in mind when you are looking for a quality pair of leather shoes.
In this topic, we will discuss the types of leather and soles along with the stitching method and how our craftsmen produce shoes at LUBKY.

Look for the shoes that:

Have a small amount of torque: Does the shoe have extra space in the shoe to move the feet freely in it.

Bend where your toes bend: First, know about the hardness and softness of the shoe first. Does the shoe bend when you bow down or do they make your feet hurt?

All these things should be kept in mind when buying quality pair of leather shoes.

Know the Type of your shoe leather

The shoe industry is the largest user of leathers. A wide variety of leathers are used to manufacture shoes to protect feet against climate and injuries. Each is best suited for different occasions. Here is the list of types of leathers. 

  1. Full Grain Leather: This is the top quality leather known as cow crust or full-grain leather. Its best quality is to bring thickness in the shoes to bear all sorts of whether it is cold or hot. Full-grain leather is the outer layer of the skin and only the hair is removed from cow skin to get this leather. It is considered the highest quality of leather to manufacture shoes. 
  2. Genuine Leather: Genuine leather also called corrected or imperfect leather is a material that is created by the tanning process. This material may come from any layer of the hide and undergoes treatment to the surface to provide a more uniform, “corrected” appearance. It is not considered a top-quality leather so it is preferred to prepare belts and many other similar goods rather than manufacturing shoes.
  3. Suede Leather: Suede leather is under-appreciated by most customers because of its fragility. It is made from the underside of cowhide. It is less durable and short-lasting as compared to full-grain leather. On the other side, it is very smooth and comfortable while wearing and walking.
  4. Crocodile Leather: It is also considered the finest leather and is used to make leather shoes and bags. Crocodile leather is a delicate as well as an expensive leather. Most of the top brands in the world use crocodile skin to prepare their highest quality items.

At LUBKY we prepare our shoes from full-grain (cow crust) and Crocodile leather which is more preferred and considered durable. Their polished and glossy appearance speaks for the shoes. Utilizing full-grain leather makes the shoe cool and dry from the inside and allows the foot to breathe. 

Construction Method of Leather Shoe

After ensuring the quality material of your leather shoe comes the turn to know about which method of construction is applied to prepare shoes. It is crucial to know how each part is attached to the other. 

  • Goodyear Welting: This method of construction is used to connect or sewn to the upper and the outsole. It is no doubt considered the most desirable method of construction. They are more expensive to manufacture. So, if you’re looking for a pair of top-quality shoes, then Goodyear welting is the way to go.
  • Cementing: Cementing is the cheapest, simplest and most common method of stitching together the sole of the shoe to the upper leather. The problem with cementing is that as the soles wear out, they start to detach from their attachment, resulting in cracked heels or loose bottoms. Therefore, it is not recommended and considered a good option to prepare a good quality pair of leather shoes.
  • Blake Stitching: This method of construction is applied used to finish high-end leather shoes. The upper is directly stitched or sewn to the sole from the inside of the shoe. Though most of the work is hidden underneath the insole. But the amalgamation of stitching and glue makes the leather shoes durable and reliable.

LUBKY is the best producer of manufacturing hand-stitched leather shoes using the Goodyear Welting method of stitching that brings a tightness to shoes. By doing this our versatile manufacturer crafts a high-quality pair of leather shoes.

Top-quality Soles for your leather shoes

While searching for comfortable and best-quality shoes the sole of the shoe also matters a lot. Along with the shoe, a comfortable sole also helps you to walk and stand with ease. It is the sole that gives you a better grip and a great sole needs to be comfortable, durable as well as waterproof. You have to get a shoe to use in your daily routine of life, not for support day that will be worn for just one day.

A sole is made of many materials but the most preferred are leather and rubber soles that are used before the heel part. At LUBKY we manufacture the shoe sole with a combination of both materials. This combo makes the shoe and foot breathe, cool and dry from the inside, and water-resistant at the same time. Our quality handmade leather shoes are appreciated all over Pakistan because of the use of the best leather.

Perforation or Holes

Some shoes have decorations which are called perforations or holes to make the shoe water-resistant and to improve air circulation to increase comfort. At LUBKY we create perforation in different and unique styles which are available in Whole-cut and Brock designs.

If you are yearning to purchase a good pair of quality leather shoes then take a wise decision to get them from LUBKY. We come into the market with exceptional designs. Our customers always appreciate the shoe material and its durability. We always come up to the expectations of our consumers. That’s why we come into the list of best leather producer companies in Pakistan.