How Our Leather Shoes Are Manufactured?

Leather Shoes Are Manufactured

Shoes are built for style, trends and most importantly to provide comfort. People look for top-quality leather shoes that make shoes survive ages together with the finest shoes for their active lifestyle. Shoe manufacturing requires a high degree of skill and experience. Our hand made leather shoes are manufactured in Lahore, Pakistan. Our top priority is to satisfy our customers with the best products.

Quality is our top priority:

Quality shoes are the foundation for our reputation and success. Each person at our production site has the distinct skill of quality shoemaking that is effectively utilized. Many versatile professionals are engaged in utilizing their inventiveness to craft the best leather shoes. As a result of their creativity, our experts produce sophisticated and stylish leather shoes that are preferred more than other leather shoes.

Top grade leather:

In the making of a pair of shoes, leather is carefully selected by We select full-grain leather for making shoes stronger and more durable. Keep in mind the leather should be soft and highly breathable. We believe that the entire thickness of the animal used whether it is a cow or buffalo will make shoes survive ages. Our craftsmen bring spark and grace to the shoes to bring attitude to your foot.

How leather shoes are manufactured by

Shoes are a part of everyone’s daily life. If you are comfortable with your shoes that will surely make your entire day pleasant by making your whole day activities amusing for you. Lubky handmade leather shoes come up in the market for you to get lighter for tougher moves. Every leather shoe is comfortable. As it is mentioned above a shoe needs a high degree of experience and skill to bring it in perfect shape. In the making of a pair of shoes, many steps are required to bring the finest footwear for the active lifestyle with style and comfort.


The upper part in lubky handmade leather shoes is done by hand from the high-quality hides. The leather is cut and later on trimmed to bring a proper shape to the upper part of the shoe.


The shoe is lined with cowhide on the insole, which makes it breathable and durable. As we know, the foot rests upon the insole. If your insole is not comfortable the show will be of no use. Therefore, the insole part of the shoe must be made of high quality to make the foot feel comfortable.


The outsole is considered the durable part of the shoe that has to perform the toughest work making contact with the ground. The outsole in our hand crafted leather shoe is made of full-grain cow crust leather that helps to provide a thick layer to it to make it waterproof.


The heel of a shoe makes us stand. If the heel of the leather shoe is not cozy and restful then the shoe is of no worth. We apply 3 layered leather heels with a combination of half-cut rubber to ensure heel stability.


The stitching is the final step before the upper is completed, and the upper is topped off with a bottom using a sewing machine.

Leather shoe assembly process:

Now the shoe is ready to get assembled. The leather sole is glued to the heel with hot glue to ensure that it holds firmly. Sometimes logos of the company is also printed below the shoe sole.

We do not compromise over quality. With our active hand made leather shoes, we strive to give you the look your foot deserves for an active life. They are specially designed to move you with grace. We are preferred the most in Pakistan as a producer of high-quality leather shoes. We would love to serve you with our top-grade leather shoes.

For an elegant look, we can provide you with any style of hand crafted leather shoes you like. We are just a few clicks away from you. To contact us, visit us on You can contact us via email or WhatsApp.