Handmade vs Handcrafted leather Shoes

Handmade vs Handcrafted leather Shoes

When it comes to buying a pair of shoes the first question we have to ask ourselves is whether we want a handmade or handcrafted pair. Both have their nitty-gritty which makes them a bit different from each other. Both the words appear remarkably similar in spelling, there are a few important distinctions between them. In comparing Handmade vs Handcrafted Shoes, there is a misconception that handmade shoes are better than handcrafted shoes. The difference between Handmade and Handcrafted shoes is where the machine ends and handwork begins. To further simplify the difference between the two, handmade signifies the manner of production whereas handcrafted signifies the skill level and intention of production.

Let us explain it more, handmade is a little more difficult to understand than handcrafted, but it is still fairly obvious. Handmade products are created by hand. No machines are used during the process. Handmade products can be made by individual artisans or manufacturers and are entirely crafted by hand.

Handcrafted, on the other hand, means a mixture of both manual labor and machinery. Handmade leather shoes are very rare because they demand a lot of labor and time that last for a long period.

Let us describe the differences between Handmade and Handcrafted to make it clear for people.

  • Stating the Differences

What’s the difference? Many people think that handmade and handcrafted are synonymous terms. But they are not. Using simple hand tools like pliers, awls and hammers to make products can result in handmade items. Handmade items often display inconsistencies in even the smallest details because each piece is made exclusively by hand and highly personalized for its owner. Whether you’re talking about furniture or clothing, a handmade item may have a certain charm, but it will lack the consistency of something you find in mass-produced products.

Handcrafted items, on the other hand, might be made with modern machinery. And while they’re not usually mass-produced, they can be duplicated to varying degrees. Handcrafted are refer to goods made through artistry and skill that only exist through careful planning and execution.

 What Does Handmade Mean in the Fashion Industry ?

Handmade shoes are custom-made and crafted by craftsmen and cobblers by hand rather than a machine from the finest materials who know every detail about this technique. Therefore, they are of superior quality.

  • What Does Handcrafted Mean?

Handcrafted shoes are not only made from leather material but also carefully designed to be original, with their own uniqueness through the design, making and crafting process. Handcrafted products are made by hand but they aren't necessarily entirely handmade. These shoes are made with the utmost care, attention and detail which makes them different from handmade shoes.

  • Stating the Differences

Handmade shoes, by their definition, are custom made. A division of elite luxury goods, they are characterized as high-quality products that are both unique and of exceptional value. They can be expensive and not all people have the patience to wait for them to be made. Handcrafted shoes, on the other hand, can be machine-made or handmade and they do not have to be expensive because they use fewer materials than handmade shoes. It does not require a lot of time like handmade shoes.

  • Tools of the Trade

Shoes crafted by human hands are valued by most and are no doubt, the mark of a great pair of shoes. When it comes to handmade shoemaking, each shoemaker uses a variety of tools. An edge shear is used to trim the edges of the outsole as needed. The stitching hammer is used to secure the stitching post in place while it’s being stitched with its waxed laces and purple stuffed thread. Handmade shoes pass through various hands during their creation and each hand does its best to make them effective.  That’s what makes handmade shoes valuable and durable.

On the other side, handcrafted shoes somehow take advantage of many metal tools or modern materials to craft them that make the work easier for them.

 We hope we have shed some light and helped you to make yourself clear about the difference between what shoes are handcrafted and what are handmade.