A Guide to Caring for Your Leather Shoes in Winter

A Guide to Caring for Your Leather Shoes in Winter

A Guide to Caring for Your Leather Shoes in Winter


Handmade Leather shoes are designed to bear or handle a variety of conditions. Every shoe especially boots need to take care of before winter because of snow and dirty rainwater. Snow and cold are the worst enemies of leather shoes to bring cracks and keeping them wet. It is essential to prepare your shoes before heading out in rough weather. Therefore, before the arrival of winter protect your expensive leather shoes from damage. To protect and keep standing tall in your leather shoes throughout the ice and snow we spoke to the experts about all the ways you can stop your handcrafted leather shoe from being destroyed in winter.



Keep Your Boots Clean and Dry

As we have mentioned above winter season is the worst time of the year for your leather boots. Leather is a natural, porous material, which means it soaks up moisture and dirt easily. As snow soaks up moisture in your boots, dirt also accumulates and clogs the leather, causing cracks. For this, you can use a brush and leather cleaner to scrub your boots gently free of dirt. This will bring back shoe grace. You shouldn't have to do this every day or even very often. Instead, store your boots indoors to keep them dry. This way, you won't have to worry about the extreme cold weather on your front porch.


Moisturize the Leather

The first thing to remember is that leather is a natural material, much like human skin. It needs to be treated with care if you want to keep it healthy and graceful. Due to this reason, you should moisturize your leather boots after cleaning them because they will dry out over time.

Consider a Seal or Water-resistant Wax

Caring for your boots in winter can be easy. Prepare them for winter by cleaning all dirt and debris off, freshening up the boot with leather cleaner, spraying on some conditioner if they are especially dry, and then wiping with a low lint or no lint cloth to give them a finish coat of color. Though they are made to survive generations, if not properly cared they will be wasted. Genuine leather enables the shoe to fight wet conditions so that your leather shoes do not soak up moisture, consider either a seal or water-resisting wax to protect your stylish and high-quality leather shoes.


Erase Scuffs

Scuffs are easy to fix with a few household items so you need not worry that they will ruin your beautiful leather shoes. A dab of water followed by baking soda and a soft cloth will work to erase the scuffs from your leather boots or shoes. Wipe up any excess moisture, then apply a protective coat finish once the boots are completely dry.


Stuff Rags and Newspaper into the Shoes

Take wads of newspaper, or plain paper or bunch up clean rags and jam them into your boots. Pack them enough so they retain their shape, which will allow you to more effectively repair and fill any cracks in the surface of your leather shoes.


Get Sole Protectors

Your shoes are one of the most expensive items of clothing you'll buy, so it's worth taking care of them. While many things can be done to look after your leather shoes, getting sole protectors is a necessity during winter and wet weather conditions to make them last longer. It is possible to extend the life of your footwear by following these simple tips for cleaning, protecting, storing, and caring for them.